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Trumpet Artistry Biography Discography Clyde E Hunt

BS Mus. Ed., MFA, trumpet performance and composition. Trumpeter, teacher, clinician, composer, arranger, and author, ascap

Musical Tributes - Reviews

"He is, by the way, one of the finest all-around trumpet players I've heard in my lifetime. No, this isn't an ad for Hunt's materials,
though it may sound like it. I don't even know him; not even sure which university he's with.
It's just that I am enormously impressed by someone with the range of MF, the technique of Mendez, and the tone of a symphonic player.
Some may think I'm overdoing it, but this guy is something."

"Since each etude would significantly test the range and endurance of today's most skilled trumpeters, they are approachable only by
students who are religiously committed to developing a phenomenal range...while the difficulty of these (ELEVEN) Etudes
may well preclude the possibility of any human being rendering a near-perfect performance, Hunt's endeavor, while not always perfect,
is nonetheless astounding...." - J. M., Journal of the International Trumpet Guild

"I just finished listening to the TOP TONES FOR THE TRUMPETER - BRAVO! I'm going to tell the whole city of Boston!

"Brilliant......Sensational...he plays the most difficult passage with apparent ease".

"While his technical skills, including a solid tone in all registers, clean articulation, constantly good intonation,
marvelous flexibility, virtuosic fluency, and tastefully employed vibrato, are well up to the technical demands of these etudes,
what makes these performances very special is the musical maturity of these interpretations.....so musically stimulating that this reviewer
is motivated to once again practice these etudes....inspiring, to say the least"......Jerry Makeever, Journal of Intl trumpet Guild.

Jazz Festival Reviews

"Among the more prominent and impressive soloists are trumpet player Clyde Hunt,..."Hunt was the outstanding soloist of the day....
he had the audience applauding a long time".

Biographical Sketch

Trumpet player, composer, arranger, author, and teacher, Clyde E. Hunt joined the musicians union at age eleven, enabling him to become
the youngest member of the Alliance City Band, Alliance, Ohio. On Flag Day, 1950, Hunt and another of William Best's prized cornet students,
Eldon Kropf, performed H.L. Clarke's, "The Friendly Rivals", a cornet duet accompanied by the Alliance City Band.
(See photos below).Hunt was a member and student conductor of: The Alliance High School Band, under the late Mr. Eric Duro,
The Alliance High School Orchestra, under the late Mr. Vance O'donnell, and the high school dance band, "Swing Wings", under Mr. Frank Daly.
(We hadn't yet heard of "Stage Band", or "Jazz Ensemble"). He was also a member of the "All Ohio Boys Band" (Ohio State Fair) in 1954 and 1955.
While a freshman at Kent State University, the 18-year-old won the (extra - 4th) trumpet seat in the
Akron Symphony Orchestra
, Akron, Ohio. He then won the second trumpet position under Louis Lane c. 1961, and was a member of the
Akron Symphony Brass Quintet, the Akron Civic Orchestra, and the Akron Goodyear Theater - positions he held until 1967, when he moved to the
Washington D.C. area.In 1977 - Hunt began an almost weekly, Trumpet-in-Residency, at the Church of the Ascension
and Saint Agnes
Episcopal Church at 12th and Massachusetts Ave. NE, in Washington, D.C. Under Father Frederic Mizell's Rectorship,
an annual Bach Festival was begun, a professional choir maintained, and an orchestra was employed for the High, Holy Days. Many of these live performances
were recorded and may be purchased in a recording from the Saint Agnes classical Archives, from this website.

Hunt joined the soon-to-become highly acclaimed, Brooks Tegler's HOT JAZZ swing band in 1983, contributing many original compositions and transcriptions to the band repertoire, as well as his
lead trumpet and jazz soloist abilities. The band has since appeared at the following festivals:

Jazz Festivals

Sacramento * Central Illinois * Denver * Madison * Illiana Jazz * Pike's Peak Jazz Society * Charleston, WV Jazz society * Manassas Jazz Festival ,
* Potomac River Jazz Club * Pennsylvania Friends of Jazz * New Jersey Jazz Club * Swinging Hannover * Paderborn * Dusseldorf * Soligen * Breda *
S'Hertogenbosch * Apeldorn * Ghent/ Brugge, and more.

Hunt was also a member of the STEVE JORDAN TRIO. The trio, consisting of the late "legendary" acoustic rhythm guitarist,
Steve Jordan; vibraphonist, John Cocuzzi; and trumpeter Clyde Hunt, produced three CD recordings and a video with this unique instrumentation.

Teaching Positions

St. Peter Chanel High School, Bedford, Ohio - Music/Band Director from 1962 - 1967.
Montgomery County Public Schools, Rockville, Md - Band/Orchestra, Music Theory and Composition, Instrumental Music - 1967 - 1997.
Robert E. Peary High School, Fox Chapel Magnet School, Cedar Grove Elem., Clarksburg Elem., Rocking Horse Road Elem.,
Harmony Hills Elem., Highland Elem., Highland View Elem. (and more) 1967 - 1997.

Nine year old ClydePhoto of Hunt, Alliance City Band

Music Link - Clyde Hunt plays, "T'was a very Happy Day" - Recorded in Mr. Best's music room, c. 1950

How it all began


Trumpet Artistry Biography Discography Clyde E. Hunt

`Hunt is the featured performer, or sideman, on more than 30 LP's, cd's, and videos. He is the author of several trumpet method books and cd's.
His book and cd, SAIL THE SEVEN C'S, has been highly acclaimed in the "trumpet world".

1. SAIL THE SEVEN C'S - An Easier Way To Play the Trumpet (book and cd)
. Grifton School Audio Teacher - for Beginning Trumpeters (book and cd)
. Call and Response Jazz for Beginner Trumpeters (flute,clarinet,tenor sax,and trombone)
. Twelve Virtuoso Etudes for Trumpet (book and cd)
. Clarinblasen - Twenty Five Etudes for Natural Trumpet (book and cd)
. Hunt Plays/Teaches Arban: - two CD set
. Hunt Plays N. Bousquet: 36 Celebrated Studies for Cornet - two cd set
. Hunt Plays Vassily Brandt: 34 Studies
. Hunt Plays Charlier: 36 Etudes Transcendantes - two cd set
. Hunt Plays H.L.Clarke: Characteristic Studies
. Hunt Plays H.L.Clarke: Technical Studies
. Hunt Plays Concone: 32 Lyrical Studies
. Hunt Plays Sigmund Hering: 30 Studies
. Hunt Plays S.Hering: 32 Etudes
. Hunt Plays S. Hering: 40 Etudes
. Hunt Plays R. Sabarich: Dix Etudes
. Hunt Plays Max Schlossberg: Daily Drills and Technical Studies.
. Hunt Plays Walter M. Smith: Top Tones for the Trumpeter
. Hunt Plays the Haydn and Hummel Trumpet Concerti
. Hunt Plays the Electronic Music of John Steven Tittle
. Praise Him With The Sound of the Trumpet Vol. I, (book and cd) with Walter Edmonds, Organist
. Praise Him With The Sound of the Trumpet Vol. II, (book and cd) with James Edwards, Organist. We are currently in the process
of placing many "live" recorded classical performances (Mp3's) at the website. You can find these from the Main Menu

Videos - Dvds

ASHPET, An American Cinderalla - Brooks Tegler's Hot Jazz

STEVE JORDAN TRIO at Reston,Va. 1994

Jazz Discography:

25. "And Not Only That" - Brooks Tegler's HOT JAZZ
. "Best of Breda, Netherlands" - Jazz Festival 1986 - Brooks Tegler & HOT JAZZ
. "Chompin At The Bit" - Swing's The Thing
. "Cookin'" - Brooks Tegler's HOT JAZZ
. "Doc Dikeman Bigband" - Bigband Forever
. "Fanfare For A King" - Brooks Tegler's HOT JAZZ
. "Introspection - The Trumpet Ballad" - Brooks Tegler's HOT JAZZ
. Elden Street Romp - Live At The Ice House Cafe - Brooks Tegler's HOT JAZZ
. Keep 'Em Flying - Brooks Tegler's HOT JAZZ (Circle Records - George Buck Records)
. Swing Street - Bob Thulman
. Fool's Paradise - John Cocuzzi Vibes; Swing Professors
. HOT JAZZ Plays John Kirby and Arie Shaw
. Intimate Steve Jordan, The - Steve Jordan
. Soft Swingin Jazz - Steve Jordan Trio
. The Steve Jordan Trio - Steve Jordan Trio
. Big Joe Maher and the Dynaflows - I'm Still Swingin'
. Live At Colonial Beach - Billy Hancock and Clyde Hunt's No Neck Jazz Band
. Brooks Tegler's Bigband - (2007 release)
. Out of the Darkness - Billy Hancock (2008 release)

Developing The Pedal and Altissimo Register

Please Visit my beautiful hometown of Alliance, Ohio....The city, the parents, grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, my private Trumpet Tutor, William Best,
my AHS Band Director, Mr. Eric Duro, my AHS Orchestra Director, Mr. Vance O'Donell, AHS Choral Director, Miss Sackett,
who taught me Music Theory. And we must not forget Alliance High School, that made me "what I became, TODAY"!

extracted from SAIL THE SEVEN C's

MYTH #1 Only special freaks can play in the high register. Don't waste precious time trying to duplicate their efforts. There are plenty of notes below high C upon which to devote your time and effort.

FACT: Nearly any player can dramatically improve his or her high register. What is needed is the desire to do so, and a dedicated, systematic approach. The high register will not succumb to the casual player.

MYTH #2 If I could find just the right mouthpiece, I too could be a high note artist.

FACT: There are mouthpieces which facilitate brilliance and intensity of sound. These mouthpieces, sometimes labeled high velocity, are more "V" shaped as opposed to bowl shaped. Sometimes, usually at the music store when we are trying mouthpieces, almost any mouthpiece appears to be superior to the one we are now playing - hence the answer to all our prayers. But pitch is determined by frequency of vibration of your lip. If you can play a C4 on a Schilke 5a4a, you can also do so on a Bach #1. Don't get into the drawer full of mouthpieces syndrome. Choose a rim that is comfortable and learn to play it. I am convinced that a larger cup diameter and a more open throat, which permits a larger airstream, actually facilitates the development of the high register.

MYTH #3 I need a special trumpet.

FACT: Mouthpiece tapers, varying bores, different bell sizes, and various alloys will alter the timbre and playing characteristics of an instrument. But the instrument, in fact, has even less to do with lip vibration, which determines pitch, than does the mouthpiece.

MYTH #4 Playing and practicing in the high (G2 to C5) register will ruin the middle and low registers, and make my tone brittle and laser-like.

FACT: Not practicing all registers equally will allow one-sidedness to take place. Practicing the pedal register, especially, will serve to counteract the extreme compression required to perform the high register. More than likely, a piercing, laser-like sound and a too blatty low register is really the fault of a too small, too shallow mouthpiece. This combination leads to jambing the mouthpiece for the high tones, which is sure to elicit the above mentioned complaints.

MYTH #5 You must play in all registers without changing your embouchure, or play in all registers without re-setting your lips.

FACT: I don't disagree in principle with the above statement. But I believe it has been widely misinterpreted because of semantics and/or insufficient explanation. The opening quote, taken literally, is nonsense! No two tones are played with precisely the same lip setting, let alone an entire register. What is required is a constantly adjusting embouchure, capable of moving from the bottom register through to the top register without the necessity of stopping along the way to regroup your chops. Re-read the last sentence and memorize it! It is of the utmost urgency that you understand what is meant. The understanding which you believe that you have right now will probably be altered as you progress toward the Constant Adjustment Embouchure.*s Clyde Hunt Extracted from SAIL THE SEVEN C'S (C) Copyright B Flat Music Production

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