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Trumpet Method Books, Sheet Music, Swing CDs, free Tips by Hunt Sr.

Music and CD's of Clyde E. Hunt Sr, Ascap

Sacred Music Hymn sheet Music Descants for Trumpet/Organ Vocal Music Classical CDs

Secular Music Trumpet Method Book with CD, Sheet music, FREE Tips, Swing CDs

Sail The Seven Cs Range/Endurance Trumpet Method with CD, Pedal C-C4

"Hi Clyde,
Your tape (now Cds) and presentation are wonderful.

I was 'concerned' that a less than adequate player might be trying to get through all that material
(trumpet method books) in one lifetime. But you make it work!! Congratulations again on such a terrific
and helpful adventure. I know you've put a great deal of time and effort into it.".....Bill Bing, Los Angeles
William Bing is band director and trumpet artist in residence at the California Institute of Technology

I have recorded CDs for each of "Fifteen Trumpet Method Books"

Arban Conservatory Method * Bousquet 36 Celebrated Studies* Charlier 36 Transandentals * Clarke Characteristic Studies *
Clarke Technical Studies * Concone, 32 Lyrical Studies * Hering 30, 32, 40 Progressive Etudes * Hunt, Twelve Etudes *
Sabarich, Dix Etudes * Schlossberg Daily Drills * W. Smith, Top Tones for the Trumpeter * Sousa Bugle Calls ..and more!

My accompanying CD prevents students from thinking, or believing ...."Man! Nobody can play that stuff"!

Music Link: Leopold Mozart Trumpet Concerto - with a double C4 cadenza

Music Link Hunt's "I Can't Get Stated" - from the CD, "introspection".

Clyde Hunt playing trumpet Method Books

Trumpet Links

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