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Sail The Seven C's, Trumpet Range and Endurance Book and demo Cd

An Easier way to play Trumpet-The way to play high notes/Pedal Tones

Trumpet Pedal/High Register Sail the Seven C's Book and Cd
Trumpet Pedal/High Register Sail the Seven C's Book and Cd

ISBN 978-0578-04065-3

Cost of the 67 page Book and Cd is $39.95

NOW, you can master the Pedal through highest registers of the trumpet by decreasing mouthpiece pressure and increasing the pressure of the air stream. Learn how to eliminate the "strong-arm" method of changing partials!

CHAPTERS: Sail The Seven C's trumpet. The Five Myths * The Static Embouchure * Choosing The Mouthpiece * Psychology of the High Register * The Split-Note Enigma * Bibliography of Embouchure Development Books * The importance of Pedal Tones * The importance of Rest * Lip Tension and Air Pressure * The Silent Whistle * and more

The Third Edition of Sail The Seven C's trumpet has been expanded to include:
(A) A larger method book with increased text, exercises, and etudes.

(B) A CD-R recording which demonstrates many of the exercises, as well as Hunt's performance of the ELEVEN outrageous ETUDES.Hunt's "talking book" comments, concerning the highlights of SAIL THE SEVEN C'S, have been included on the new CD-R.

"SAIL THE SEVEN C's trumpet is excellent trumpet literature, a must for every trumpeter's library." - Jazz Trumpet Journal *
"...repeated reading is suggested. The accompaning recording is invaluable...he is never condescending.... he writes as though he were with you in the practice room" - Journal of the International Trumpet Guild *

"...from beginning to end, this text is an inspiration for extended tones high brass instruction" - Intl. Association of Jazz Educators

"Since each etude would significantly test the range and endurance of today's most skilled trumpeters, they are approachable only by students who are religiously committed to developing a phenomenal range... while the difficulty of these (ELEVEN) Etudes may well preclude the possibility of any human being rendering a near-perfect performance, Hunt's endeavor, while not always perfect, is nonetheless astounding...." - J. M., Journal of the International Trumpet Guild

Music Linkexcerpted from "Caravan" - from the album, "Chompin' at the Bit"

"One of my students brought a copy of your book to her lesson and I was so impressed. I needed to have one. I certainly enjoy the way it is written and the honest approach to playing the horn. Well done!"
I am head of music at the University of Ballarat in Australia. I am going to put your publication on the book list for all trumpets next year and there after. I also think that it can be useful for all brass....!"
.....Rohan Wallis ******************************************************************************

Dear Mr. Hunt,
Last year, my junior year in high school, I purchased your book "Sail The Seven Cs." Nothing has helped me more than your book over the last year. I took lessons and tried other method books, but nothing made more sense to me than your book. Before I ordered your book I could nail a High D, and sometimes go up to an Eb. Now in my senior year I can go up to a High F (a powerful one, too) every day, and High G is becoming more and more frequent. I've been able to play a High G every day for the past two weeks, because I took your book very seriously.
The only other factor than your book that has helped me was choosing the right mouthpiece, which your book said I should do. I was using a Jet-Tone LMEX until about two months ago. I noticed my range starting to decrease and my band director said that I should change mouthpieces. I now use a Warburton 5S that gets the job done. It's the only mouthpiece I use because I don't want to fall into the drawer full of mouthpieces syndrome. I use it to play jazz and orchestral music.
Thanks to your book I have cut down mouthpiece pressure. I used to have scars on the inside of my lips from my teeth, but no more. Also, because I had so much control over my range, I made lead in the South Carolina All-State Jazz Band.
So thank you, Mr. Hunt, for publishing your book which showed me the way to have a better, more effective range. Hopefully in the next year I'll be able to say that I have a nice, solid Double C!
Josh Billingsley (south Carolina) ***************************************************

Hello Mr. Hunt,
In 2008 I wrote you an email thanking you for your Sail The Seven C's book and how it helped me make lead trumpet in the South Carolina all-state jazz band. I wanted to let you know I've continued to have a successful career since then! I went on to get a bachelors degree in music performance from Winthrop University and won the concerto competition my senior year in 2012 with the Arutiunian. Here's a link to a video of that performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPs-QueS2EE After that, I went to play lead for Royal Caribbean cruises. I did a contract in the Caribbean and in the Mediterranean. Here's a clip of me playing the Mambo solo from West Side Story, this was in 2013: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZAqFeLnyNo Following ships, I won a full tuition waiver to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for a master's degree in jazz performance. I graduated in May of this year with that degree. Now for the last two months I've been on the road playing with the Ringling Brothers circus as the split lead player! I'm writing to you from my train room as we travel from Columbus to Cleveland. I'm loving life on the road and couldn't be happier playing this very demanding show. The lead player and band leader of 11 years is already having me solo the show on lead while he sits out and listens once a week which is a lot of fun and very challenging. My range actually stayed at G over High C until this past summer after I finished my master's. When I finished I had time to work on my fundamentals more and have added another octave to my range. I'm still working on controlling it and playing musically in that register, but I know that will come with time. If you go to my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/billingsley) you can see a couple videos from the last few weeks of me getting above Double C in my warm up with ease. I'm really excited about this new way to play I've discovered, and plan on grabbing your book from my house when the circus heads that way so I can work on the higher chapters. Thank you for encouraging me as a young musician. It certainly made a difference in my life. I hope we'll be near your part of Virginia when we head up the east coast in 2017 so we can meet. All the best,
Josh Billingsley

Dear Mr.Hunt,
I got your book sail the the seven Cs and I continue to practice it for about half a year now. I restarted playing the trumpet 2 years ago after having studied music when I was young.
At the moment I am able to play the first four lessons easy and I practice lesson 5 to high "f" for the moment. To tell the truth, I never felt so comfortable playing notes above c3 as I do now.
I think that is has mostly to do with the fact of releasing the tension out of my boy leaving my throat as open as possible and not changing the setup of my lips anymore. I stick to the pedals by buzzing int the morning on my "berp" and then I do the harmonics on page 38 of your book as easy as possible. I can feel the lips buzzing inside the moutpiece now, a feeling i never had before. (pedals!)
The Brandt Studies I can do better than ever, same with Clarke. I have fun to blow the flow studies now and I start to understand what I often red before: In the end it is just the blow. So.........thanks for the hints in your book!
My question. The first acoustic pedal I have to change the lower lip position. Is that ok? You say yes in your instructions but I have the impression to use different cheek and chin muscles than. What do you think?
Greetings from Stuttgart, Germany
Dirk Willhelm ***********************************************************************

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