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Trumpet Praise 2 and Cds

PRAISE VOL.2 40 Trumpet Hymn Descants music with two Cds

PRAISE Vol.2 - Includes Hunt's performance plus acc. CD

Clyde Hunt, trumpet * James Edwards, organist

Book of 40 hymn melodys and descants, trumpet and organ

Includes a 2nd organ acc. CD, for your rehearsal

Hymnal 1982 according to Episcopal USA

Index of First Lines with hymn tune title

A mighty fortress is our God * Ein Feste Burg #688
Abide with me * Eventide #662
All creatures of our God and King * Lasst uns erfreuen #400
All praise to you O Lord * Carlisle #138
Alone Thou goest forth O Lord * Bangor #164
Amazing Grace how sweet the sound * New Britain #671
As those of old their first fruits brought * Forest Green #705
Away in a manger (second tune) * Cradle Song #101
Come Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove * St. Agnes #510
Come Ye faithful, raise the strain of triumphant gladness * St. Kevin #199
Dear Lord and Father of mankind * Rest #652
Fairest Lord Jesus, ruler of all nature * St. Elizabeth #383
Glorious things of Thee are spoken * Austria #522
God my King thy might confessing * Stuttgart #414
Hail thee, festival day! * Salve Festa Deis #175, #225
Holy Holy Holy * Nicaea #362
I sing the almighty power of God * Forest Green #398
In the bleak mid-winter * Cranham #112
Let Saints on earth in concert sing * Dundee #526
Lift high the cross, the love of Christ proclaim * Crucifer #473
Lord dismiss us with thy blessing * Sicilian Mariners #344
Lully, Lullay, thou little tiny child * Coventry Carol # 247
Morning has broken * Bunessan #8
My faith looks up to thee * Olivet #691
Now Holy Spirit ever one * Wareham #20
Now the green blade riseth * Noel Nouvelet # 224
O for a thousand tongues to sing * Azmon #493
O God of Bethel, by whose hand thy people still are fed * Dundee #709
O little town of Bethlehem (second tune) * Forest Green #78
O Master let me walk with thee * Maryton # 660
O sacred head sore wounded * Hertzlich tut mich verlangen # 168
O very God of very God * Bangor #672
O worship the King * Hanover #388
On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry * Winchester New #76
Once in royal David's city * Irby #102
Onward Christian Soldiers * St. Gertrude #562
Savior, like a shepherd lead us * Sicilian Mariners #708
Silent Night * Stille Nacht #111
Stand up, stand up for Jesus * Morning Light #561
Teach me my God and King * Carlisle #592
The Church's one foundation * Aurelia #525
The duteous day now closeth *O Welt, Ich muss Dich lassen # 46
The People who in darkness walked * Dundee #126
'Tis the gift to be simple * Sinple Gifts #554
We plow the fields and scatter * Wir Pflugen #291
We sing of God, the mighty source of all things * Cornwall #386
We three Kings of orient are * Three Kings of Orient #128
What star is this with beams so bright * Puer Nobis #124
Ye watchers and ye holy ones * Lasst uns erfreuen #618

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Vol.2 40 Trumpet Hymn Descants sheet music two CDs = $16.95

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extracted from SAIL THE SEVEN C's

MYTH #1 Only special freaks can play in the high register. Don't waste precious time trying to duplicate their efforts. There are plenty of notes below high C upon which to devote your time and effort.

FACT: Nearly any player can dramatically improve his or her high register. What is needed is the desire to do so, and a dedicated, systematic approach. The high register will not succumb to the casual player.

MYTH #2 If I could find just the right mouthpiece, I too could be a high note artist.

FACT: There are mouthpieces which facilitate brilliance and intensity of sound. These mouthpieces, sometimes labeled high velocity, are more "V" shaped as opposed to bowl shaped. Sometimes, usually at the music store when we are trying mouthpieces, almost any mouthpiece appears to be superior to the one we are now playing - hence the answer to all our prayers. But pitch is determined by frequency of vibration of your lip. If you can play a C4 on a Schilke 5a4a, you can also do so on a Bach #1. Don't get into the drawer full of mouthpieces syndrome. Choose a rim that is comfortable and learn to play it. I am convinced that a larger cup diameter and a more open throat, which permits a larger airstream, actually facilitates the development of the high register.

MYTH #3 I need a special trumpet.

FACT: Mouthpiece tapers, varying bores, different bell sizes, and various alloys will alter the timbre and playing characteristics of an instrument. But the instrument, in fact, has even less to do with lip vibration, which determines pitch, than does the mouthpiece.

MYTH #4 Playing and practicing in the high (G2 to C5) register will ruin the middle and low registers, and make my tone brittle and laser-like.

FACT: Not practicing all registers equally will allow one-sidedness to take place. Practicing the pedal register, especially, will serve to counteract the extreme compression required to perform the high register. More than likely, a piercing, laser-like sound and a too blatty low register is really the fault of a too small, too shallow mouthpiece. This combination leads to jambing the mouthpiece for the high tones, which is sure to elicit the above mentioned complaints.

MYTH #5 You must play in all registers without changing your embouchure, or play in all registers without re-setting your lips.

FACT: I don't disagree in principle with the above statement. But I believe it has been widely misinterpreted because of semantics and/or insufficient explanation. The opening quote, taken literally, is nonsense! No two tones are played with precisely the same lip setting, let alone an entire register. What is required is a constantly adjusting embouchure, capable of moving from the bottom register through to the top register without the necessity of stopping along the way to regroup your chops. Re-read the last sentence and memorize it! It is of the utmost urgency that you understand what is meant. The understanding which you believe that you have right now will probably be altered as you progress toward the Constant Adjustment Embouchure.*s Clyde Hunt Extracted from SAIL THE SEVEN C'S (C) Copyright B Flat Music Production

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