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how to order Trumpet music and Cds from B-FLAT MUSIC

ZONE ONE (1), USA: $3.50 for the first item


ZONE TWO (2), CANADA: $10.00 for the first item

ZONE THREE (3), EUROPE: $25.00 for the first item

ZONE FOUR (4), ASIA, AUSTRALIA, NZ, : $25.00 for the first item.

IMPORTANT! Churches, Schools, Distributors, and other Institutions who must submit a purchase order: Please EMAIL a list of items that you want to receive.
You may, of course, order via Postal Service (Mail). Our address is: 717 Bancroft Ave., Colonial Beach, VA 22443 USA. We will then send you a "PayPal Invoice", so that you can make payment!

Send email to B-Flat Music Production

We are pleased to accept your credit card payment via Mastercard, Visa, Discover, or American Express. Clicking on the shopping cart button (found on the page with every publication) will take you to our SECURE gateway site. You do NOT have to be a PayPal Member, to pay with any credit card ! (There is NO cost to you)

Very recently we have been able to lower our shipping costs, because of more options via our Shopping Cart, and a restructuring of USPS rates. Your shipping cost is determined by: (1) ZONE destination, and (2) the number of items ordered.

We are required to collect sales tax ONLY for the State of Virginia (USA). When you come to the pull-down requesting your state, all others should select, NO STATE OR PROVINCE.

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