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Trumpet - playing music in tune

Here are some of my "perspectives" to the oft-heard phrase

"OK - let's get tuned up"!

1. "Tune up? why? Are "you" going to make us play in some kind'a weird pitch center, tonight"?
2. "Tune up? Ok - to whom shall I tune"?
3. "Tune up? Now? How can we begin tuning, before we've begun playing"?
4. "He's not out of tune - he just sounds that way". (Mesmerized - while staring at a tuning meter).
5. "Hey - what do we do now? The piano is at 440, but the vibraphone's 'A' bar says 442"?
6. Tuning - not something we "do" - but something we must eat, sleep, and live.
7. Playing "in tune" lives within us.........or not"! Keep 'Em Flyin! (Grin!)
Clyde Hunt

(Q) I am currently studying to become a music educator. This semester I am doing observations in the public schools. What I have been noticing is that intonation is very poor in many of the instrumentalists classes. I would like to know when the right time is to introduce and make the children aware that they are not playing in tune?
(A) Intonation awareness needs to begin IMMEDIATELY! It it an essential item for the formation of the correct embouchure.
Beginner clarinetists, eg, must be constantly "prodded" to bring the pitch "up". It's important for you to play along with them - IN TUNE!!
It is inexcusable to ignore tuning problems "because they are just children".
"Remember, boys and girls, no matter how "good" a player becomes - if it isn't in tune, no one wants to hear it"!

Playing the instrument "in tune" is of the highest priority. Intonation problems are largely the result of haphazard teaching - and often with too much emphasis upon "playing tunes" and being "in band" rather than "learning to play the instrument".
Thanks for listening,
Clyde Hunt

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