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Hering 32 Etudes for Trumpet Cd only by Hunt Sr.

Thirty Two Etudes CD for Trumpet by Clyde E. Hunt

Trumpeter Clyde Hunt beautifully performs all Thirty Two Etudes

Music Link Play: Etude #4

Don't have the book? Order the book and Cd!

Hering 32 Etudes, BMP#10019CD, 40:42 min. = Cd only = $7.95

A word about the stereophonic recordings from B-Flat Music Production. Our recordings are produced using a pair of Crown PCM Pressure Zone Boundary Mics, which enable all the musicians to sound as if they are all equally close to the mic. The resulting signal is fed into a stereo Tascam mixer. Our first processor was an outboard two channel unit, recording direct to digital audio on a Beta Video Machine. When the Akai Dr4d Hard Drive recorder became available we switched to this newer format. As a matter of principle, we allowed no further tampering with the signal, except for a "room size" digital environment: No compression, limiting, or dolby noise reduction.

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