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Call and Response Beginner Trumpet Book by Hunt Sr.

best Call and Response Beginner Trumpet Book and Cd

Music Link: Narration and Trumpet by Clyde Hunt

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Four Lesson Exercise Book and 50 minute Cd recording = $12.95


A "Call and Response", follow-the-leader, audio recording and text which enables the
beginning trumpeter to determine whether or not he is playing the correct tone. The
instructor continually reminds the neophyte, regarding essential matters, as they play together.
"The next best thing to having a "live" competent teacher at your side!". Developed especially
for the public school trumpet student who does not have access to a private tutor. It is equally
effective with adult beginners as a "home-teaching" tutor.

Preface - To The Teacher One of the great problems confronting the beginning trumpeter,
when he leaves his teacher and goes home to practice, is that of knowing whether or not he is playing
the correct tone, according to the written note. With the GRIFTON SCHOOL AUDIO TEACHER, much
insecurity and bewilderment is eliminated. The GRIFTON SCHOOL AUDIO TEACHER is a programmed,
graduated tutor which enables the child to read and play instantly. Fingering, note names, breathing,
tonguing, and other fundamental techniques are stressed when appropriate. Crutches, such as fingerings
and written note names, are gradually deleted so that the student should not become dependent upon them.


The teacher should become quite familiar with the GRIFTON AUDIO RECORDING before issuing it to the students.
Furthermore, you should play the CD for the students during the FIRST lesson, in order to be certain
that each student understands the methodology. It will be beneficial to your students if you reinforce
the terminology used in the recording. Typically, the teacher will find that the first lesson can be
mastered during the first week, while two weeks should be sufficient for LESSONS TWO and THREE. LESSON
FOUR should be used as a warm-up routine, DAILY, and before each lesson! Assignments should be made
concurrently in a conventional method book of your choice - after LESSON ONE has been mastered.And
finally, I recommend that you play Lesson Four as a daily warm-up. Long after you decide that you no
longer need the book and cd! (grin!)

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