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Trumpet How to breathe correctly by Clyde E. Hunt Sr.

Hi Tim,

The "feel" remains the same throughout - that the "sound" is "riding" on the compressed airstream -
that WE are in command, rather than being at the mercy of fate and fortune.
What changes? the feeling of increased RESISTANCE as the embouchure/aperture is gradually tightened.
The air pressure has to be increased, proportionally, to meet that resistance; otherwise the tone
will become smaller, and softer, until the buzz ceases altogether.
One more thing Tim - This all gets fairly VIOLENT, internally -especially as we head up past C3!
Not for the "faint-of-Spirit".
One time, during a clinic at the University of Maryland, one observer blurted out: "Look at his gut!
He's "doing-it" all with air!!
All the best to you. You CAN "do it"!

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