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Brass Quintet No.1 Sheet Music, 3 movements, Clyde Hunt

Music LinkBrass Quintet No. 1, 3rd movement "Gallop"- Brass Quintet.2 - Bb Trumpets, 1 - Horn in F, 1 - Euphonium/Baritone, 1 - Tuba
Three movements: "Intrada - Chant - Gallop". Medium difficult - quartal harmony, endurance. c.10 minutes.
"Early" Hunt (1963). A full score is included. = Order sheet music at: $5.00 Download from Payhip * Printed-up = $12.95 PayPal

NEW! Download this item - this is "early" Hunt....recorded on my MFA recital at Kent State University

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Brass Quintet # 1 - Hunt

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