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ALLELUIA Trumpet and Organ Sheet Music

Alleluia is a Composition by Clyde Hunt for Download

ALLELUIA - for Bb/C trumpet (optional Picc.) and organ.
ALLELUIA is a challenging, one movement compositions of 121 measures. Alleluia may optionally be performed on the piccolo trumpet, though the original intention was to use the long B Flat.
It was composed and premiered by Hunt, in 1983, for the retirement of Fr. Meisel, Rector of the
Church of The Ascension and St. Agnes, in Washington D.C.

Range: D1 to G3 - difficult. The sheet music is written "where it sounds" for the long B-Flat.
It is assumed that players capable of playing this piece will have no difficulty with the picc.
fingering. Trumpet Bb/C and Organ.

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