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trumpet Warm-up

(Q) How long should you warm up?

(A) Short answer - "Until you are able to accurately 'effect' the techniques you will immediately be needing!! If I have "warmed" only to "C" 3, and the opening "number" requires a "G" 3, I have "underwarmed" myself for the job at hand. Perhaps the most important aspect is psychological - "am I READY to begin?" If I EVER approach a given routine it is : Soft low register into the pedals - soft, 4 octave (E's, eg.) chromatic scales asc and desc.

In my estimation, some people "wear themselves out", while "warming-up" It is perhaps important for "new" players for developing a "heirarchy" of warm-up materials and "routinize" (new word) them.

(Q) How warm is warm enough and how do you determine that you have warmed up enough (or not enough)? I'm trying again after 20 years to get back into it. (Seems to be a common enough story, doesn't it?)

(A) And as it should be! Music, and the skills of playing an instrument are gifts from the creator - to brighten an otherwise hum-drum existence.

(Q) I really need some guidance as far as warm up and practice techniques. I need, of course, just like everyone else, to improve range, endurance, etc. Would appreciate any and all advice and guidance!

SAIL THE SEVEN C'S, take direct aim at the problems you mention. But so does HUNT plays SCHLOSSBERG CD, and Clarke Tech Studies- CS.

All the Best!

Clyde E. Hunt

Keep 'Em Flying!

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