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25 Natural Trumpet Etudes

How to Play Natural Valveless D Trumpet, Book and Cd

Twenty Five Etudes for Natural Valveless Trumpet in D

I am pleased to offer our publication, "Clarinblasen"

1. A concise history of the art of playing the Natural valveless Trumpet D.
2.Twenty Five (melodic) Original Etudes.
3. And Not Only That!: a (midi) Piano or Organ Cd accompaniment for each of the Twenty Five Etudes.
Hunt's performance of the Twenty Five Etudes using one of the three: 1. Picc. trumpet in A 2.
Bb Trumpet (with slide extended to A) or 3. A seven foot length of vinyl tubing with a Bach 1 mouthpiece

4. Hunt's Guide To Transposition using the Bass Clef.

Here are four different ways to use this collection:
1. Play the Etudes on your "D" Trumpet (as written)
2. Play them with your Picc. Trumpet, in "A", (reading in bass clef, C transposition).
Since so much of the Baroque Trumpet literature is in "D", it is very desireable to learn to read
those "D" parts, using the "A" Picc.
3. Play them on your Natural Valveless Trumpet in D.
4. Play them on your long Bb (with tuning slide extended to A) reading in bass clef, C transposition.

Don't have a Natural Trumpet, you say? Very easily solved: Hurry on down to
your local Hardware Store and buy 8 feet of 3/8 inch I.D. vinyl tubing. Insert your mouthpiece,
and lo and behold, a Natural Trumpet. Experiment with different size funnels, for the bell.

All of the Twenty Five Etudes are completely playable using the traditional long, natural trumpet
without valves - with the exception of # 25 which exploits the use of our fully chromatic "natural trumpet".

Special bundled price - Book and 35 min. Cd = $21.95

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