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Clyde Hunt Plays:
Trumpet Method Books on Cd

Recorded Method Books with accompanying Cd

36 Celebrated

Vassily Brandt
34 Studies

Theo Charlier
36 Trancendantes

Characteristic Studies

Technical Studies

G. Concone
32 Lyrical Studies

S. Hering
Thirty Etudes

S. Hering
32 Studies

S. Hering
Forty Progressive

R. Sabarich
Dix Etudes

67 Bugle Calls

Max Schlossberg
Daily Drills/Tech.Studies

Walter M. Smith
Top Tones For Trumpeters

Clyde Hunt Method Books with Cd Recording

Twelve Etudes
book and CD

Beginning Trumpeter
book and CD

Call and Response Jazz
book and CD

Natural Trumpet
book and CD

Sail The Seven Cs
book and Cd

Hunt Teaches
Haydn Trumpet Concerto

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Billy Hancock/Hunt
No Neck Jazz Cds

Steve Jordan
Jazz Cds

Elementary School

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Three Horn Charts

Big band Jazz Arrangements

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Side Of Clyde

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biog.and discog.

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Valve Oil

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Music Art

Jazz Artist Drawings
Becky Hunt

Music of John "Steve" Tttle
aleatory-Trumpet and "electronics" - CD

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