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Best Haydn Trumpet Concerto Sheet Music and Cd

We are delighted to present a discussion of the F.J. Haydn Trumpet Concerto

Hunt Plays/Teaches the Haydn Trumpet Concerto.
My performance is predicated upon the belief that the Haydn Concerto is best performed using the long b-flat trumpet. Now it is correct to note that the work was not written for the B-Flat Trumpet. It appears to have been written for the keyed trumpet....an instrument bearing a demeanor similar to the saxophone with its functioning system of clappers to be opened or closed as appropriate. Like the usual brass instruments a cup mouthpiece was employed.
In 1946, another English trumpeter, Harry Mortimer (1902 - 1992), made a recording of the whole Concerto with the Philharmonia Orchestra. It was recorded on June 16, 1946 in the Kingsway Hall, London.

The complete package consists of: (1) Hunt's performance of the Haydn Concerto - Movs. I , II, and III.
(2) The recorded orchestral accompaniment* (Peters' Edition), by the Polish Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra (Zygmunt Rychert, Cond.), was provided courtesy of Sabine Springer, Stuttgart Germany.
(3) Recorded comments and alternative suggestions for performance.
(4) An " Hunt edited" solo trumpet part that includes both I and III mov. cadenzas.
(5) Some comparative recorded demonstrations using both the "short" Eb trumpet and the "long" Eb trumpet.
(6) Yep! Played on the Bb Trumpet! How'd you guess? (grin) This concerto was NOT composed for the
"short" E-Flat Trumpet !! (They virtually weren't available in Haydn's time). Shilke B2, ml bore with
a large bell. Ser. # 1374 (Lots of dents). Bach # 1 mouthpice (No plating remaining.)
This recording is dedicated to my childhood, Trans-Atlantic cornet mentor, Mr. Willy Lang of North Yorkshire, UK. Keep 'Em Flyin'!
Clyde Hunt

The package includes: printed music ed. Hunt, two cadenzas and CD recording: = $16.95

Be certain to specify Bb or Eb parts !!!

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 Haydn Trumpet Concerto sheet music

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