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FREE Trumpet Ensemble Sheet Music, Hooray For Harry by Hunt

Written and performed for the 50th Anniversary of Trumpeter/Teacher Harry Herforth (May 19, 2002).
Mr. Herforth was one of my trumpet teachers at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio. It was he who first introduced the Sabarich - DIX ETUDES, to me.

I thought you might like to know that Mr. Harry Herforth (Boston Sym. & Cleveland Orch.) died on May 7, 2013. Mr. Herforth came to my lesson at Kent State with a new copy of, DIX ETUDES by Raymond Sabarich, in hand. This was in 1956. I'm happy to relate that I recorded the entire IO Etudes in c. 1986. I sent a complete copy (cassette) at that time, complete with a dedication to him. This was the first one of fifteen trumpet method books, "Trumpet Pedagogy Series" CD's, that I have completed. You may "hear" and see, Etude 6 at my website at the website.

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