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Trumpet and Church Organ, Wedding Sheet Music by Clyde E. Hunt Sr.

Trumpet and Organ wedding sheet music by Clyde E. Hunt Sr.

In this Wedding Collection you will receive: (1) Fanfare & Processional:Bb/C Trumpet and Organ (2) Wedding Procession: D Trumpet and Organ (3) Wedding Prayer
Bb/C Trumpet and Organ (4) Wedding Recessional: Voluntary for 2 D Trumpets and Organ = $16.95

Don't forget to listen to My recordings of Trumpet Wedding sheet music. You will receive ALL sheet music listed below:

Music LinkFanfare and Procession - Clyde Hunt, trumpet and organ
Music Link A Wedding Procession
Music Link A Wedding Prayer
Music LinkVoluntary For Two "D" Trumpets

This Wedding music was performed for the marriage of my daughter, Elizabeth A. Hunt to Peter Vanderham,
in the Damascus United Method Church, Damascus, Maryland. Certain music from this collection was repeated for
My Son Jon's marriage to Barbara Parkison. I am certain that you will enjoy the 1. Fanfare and Procession,
the 2. Wedding Procession, the 3. Wedding Prayer and the 2. Voluntary for Two D Trumpets. These are the items
you will receive in this Wedding Collection = $16.95.


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