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Two ways of making Trumpet Vibrato by Clyde Hunt Sr.

Trumpet Vibrato, ranges from "setting-off" of a lovely melody

to a very obnoxious "nanny goat" which is despised by everyone.

There are two ways of effecting the vibrato: The hand vibrato, controls the "speed" of the
vibrato by interfering with the airflow, as it enters the mouthpiece.
Those who favor the hand vibrato, point out that it is less likely to become "automatic"......
one has to effect it by consciously moving he hand.

Another method is to control the airflow via the lips an chin, ( and I strongly suspect there are even
more subtle ways ) for producing the vibrato.
I have known fine players who have used one or the other devices, effectively. If it matters,
I prefer not to "jiggle" my trumpet, while performing.

The concept of "good vibrato" vs. "bad" vibrato is ever evolving according to common usage "of the time". Perhaps "appropriate" is a better way to access vibrato, than "right or wrong".
The concept of an appropriate vibrato changes rapidly, perhaps even more rapidly for a jazz oriented vibrato.
Many today feel that Dokshitzer and Harry James had a vibrato that not many folks are comfortabe with today, wonderful players though they were.
During the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, millions of Americans loved the "sound" of Harry James ! !

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