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Steve Jordan Plays and Sings, Intimate Steve Jazz Cd B-Flat Music

With trumpeter Clyde Hunt

1. Mamselle 2. You brought a new kind of love, to me 3. Fools rush in 4. You, you're driving me crazy
5. You can't pull the wool over my eyes 6. Ain'tcha ever comin´┐Ż home, baby 7.
I used to be colorblind 8. There is no greater love 9. Oh, you crazy moon 10.
According to the moonlight 11. Once upon a midnight 12. Little Girl 13. I'm sorry I made you cry 14.
I've hitched my wagon to a star 15. You're Blase

B-FLAT MP#10001CD available in CD (41 min : 51 sec.) = $5.95

Trumpet Intimate Steve Jordan Jazz Cd

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