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Bill Best's 50 ML Trumpet Valve Oil

Bill Best's formula

This oil was a favorite of the SELLS - FLOTO CIRCUS BAND

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In June of 1994, I was visiting my teacher's son, Charlie Best, for an evening of "recordings and reminiscing".
At one point, Charlie got out his magnificent old SUPER OLDS trumpet (circa 1934?) and mentioned,
"I'm not allowed to play anymore since my stroke, so once a year I put a little of Dad's valve oil on the valves,
and they have never 'frozen' on me".

Says I,"I haven't had any decent valve oil for forty years now!" (William Best: 1879 - 1959)
Charlie went into the back room and came back with a small box of paraphernalia and a few bottles - which I immediately recognized.
"Here, I want you to have this mixing gear and valve oil formula - I know dad would want you to have it!"

Well, I was floored, as you can well imagine. Later, while traveling back home to Washington D.C., anxiety began to "set in".
Would Mr. Best's valve oil be as good as I remembered it to be?

Well, it was, and it is! It is now being used in two major repair shops in this area. AND I have not taken my trusty Selman,
Shilke, Olds, Yamaha, Conn, Getzen (That's enough) to the repair shop SINCE. And no crud will grow on your valves.
Man, if you've got to have valves that are f-a-s-t...and s-m-o-o-t-h. I think you'll really like it!

According to Mr. William Best, this valve oil formula was a favorite of the SELLS - FLOTO CIRCUS BAND, in which Mr. Best
was a euphonium player in the early 20th Century. But do to popular demand it's back, and better than ever!

DISCLAIMERS: 1. This oil stinks...according to about 5% of our customers! (AH!... but whether "stink or aroma", lies with the beholder.)

2. Also, you'll have to keep it out of the hands of children because it contains petroleum distillates.

3. BUT....the good news: it is still the most effective oil you've ever used at about 1/3 the price that you are accustomed to paying!

That's 50 ML of oil for $3.95

Good News - PLEASE NOTE - Bill's Best valve oil can now be shipped outside the continental USA!
Only THREE BOTTLES PER PERSON - Shipping Enforced!

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