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Trumpet Clyde Hunt Plays at the Church of The Ascension and Saint Agnes

Clyde Hunt Archive Recording from Ascension and St. Agnes 1977-1984, Fr. Meisel, RectorDetailed Information plus mp3

We are delighted to announce the release of Hunt's performance of the F.J. Haydn Trumpet Concerto and the J.N. Hummel Trumpet Concerto in E. (2) The recorded orchestral accompaniment* (Peter's Edition), by the Polish Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra (Zygmunt Rychert, Cond.), was provided courtesy of Sabine Springer, Stuttgart Germany.

(3) Recorded comments and alternative suggestions for performance.

(4) An " Hunt edited" solo trumpet part that includes both I and III mov. cadenzas.

(5) Some comparative recorded demonstrations using both the "short" Eb trumpet and the "long" Eb trumpet.

(6) Yep! Played on the Bb Trumpet! How'd you guess? (grin) Shilke B2, ml bore with a large bell. Ser. # 1374 (Lots of dents). Bach # 1 mouthpice (No plating remaining.)

Keep 'Em Flyin'!

Clyde Hunt

The package includes: printed music, two cadenzas and CD recording : order at $16.95 + $2.25 S&H
Be certain to specify Bb or Eb parts.
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*The recorded accompaniment MP 8384, used for this recording, is available from:
Sabine Springer MUSIC PARTNER - PO box 700418. D - 70574 Stuttgart, Germany
FAX: 0711/7656143

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