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Trumpet Arban Conservatory Method two CDs only

Arban Conservatory Method for Cornet/Trumpet on two Cds played by Hunt

Arban Conservatory Method - only the Solos Section are omitted.

Two Cds - (1) Hunt Teaches Arban (2) Hunt Plays Arban = $16.95.

"While his technical skills, including a solid tone in all registers, clean articulation, constantly good intonation, marvelous flexibility, virtuosic fluency, and tastefully employed vibrato, are well up to the technical demands of these etudes, what makes these performances very special is the musical maturity of these interpretations.....so musically stimulating that this reviewer is motivated to once again practice these etudes....inspiring, to say the least"......Jerry Makeever from the Journal of the International Trumpet Guild

Here is a complete printed guide to the recorded exercises

Music Linklisten: Arban Second Characterstic Study
Trumpet Arban Conservatory Method Recorded exercises 2 Cds


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