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Clyde Hunt Trumpet Leopold Mozart Concerto

Music from the
Church of the Ascension and Saint Agnes
12th and Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, D.C.

Leopold Mozart Trumpet Concerto
First Movement. Music Link Recorded "live" on Easter Sunday Morning - Robert Shone, the choirmaster, is the conductor (1984?). Unfortunately, the orchestra personnel are unknown.There are no edits or splices! This work was performed using a piccolo trumpet in "A". The cadenza, composed/improvised by Hunt, culminates with a "4th octave C", seldom heard in the classical trumpet literature! I can't think of a more fitting setting than in this great stone church, with its magnificent high ceiling acoustics, and which had been the Episcopal Cathedral in 1875....before construction of the present "National Cathedral" on Wisconsin Avenue."It was a beautiful Easter Sunday Morning.....the sun was streaming through the windows.....I decided, in the twinkling of an eye, to 'go for it', .....to attempt to ascend yet another octave!

Thanks Be To God!

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