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Trumpet Hymn Lent/Easter Descants Sheet Music

Some of these descants are extracted from my earlier books, Praise Him With the Sound of the Trumpet, Vols. 1 and 2,
but many of the descants are brand new for this Easter! Each descant contains the melody written for Bb trumpet,
while each descant is written for Bb trumpet (picc?), C trumpet. These descants must be considered
grade IV and above difficulty because of the use of the high register. However, the few that were originally
"meant" to be played in the stratosphere are perfectly and readily playable an octave lower!

Music Link:Chorale Prelude on Fortunatus - Clyde Hunt Bb trumpet and midi organ - mp3


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Here are the "Tune Names"and pages for Hymnal 1982. You can find first line names for the hymns within the index of Tune Names (for other hymnals)

1. Bangor #164 2. Bourbon #147 3 .Easter Hymn #207 4. Ellacombe #210
5. Fortunatus #179 6. Gelobt sei Gott #205 7. Lux Evi #191 8. Puer Nobis #193 9. Richmond #212
10. St.Albinus #194 11. St.Flavian #142 12. St.Kevin #199 13. Salve Festa Dies #175 14. Salzburg #174
15. Truro #182 16. Unser Herrscher #180 17. Victory #208 18. Vreuchten #192
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